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Charter Members – 1911

Charter Members 1911

P.J. Noerager
Williard Clark
C.L. Wright
M.T. Harrington
J.N. Tibessart
Harry E. De Lassaux
Clyde DeArmond
J.B. Schribner
Eugene C. Clifton
Magnus Peters
A.F. Kronsbein
C.E. Abbot
Dr. E. Rawlings
D.C. Shellooe
Samuel A. Goldman
William Chaney
Ed E. Green
Charles A. Whiteside
R.L. Clifton
C.M. Harrelson, Jr.
E.M. Ehorn
R.R. Papst

Our apologies to any past fireman whose name was misspelled or possibly left off the list.

Please let us know if corrections are needed.