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Hand Pull Chemical Fire Extinguisher

Hand Pull Hose Cart

1897 Hand drawn Ladder Cart

1920 Model T – Mini Tanker Engine #2

A Message from the Original Owner & Restorer
~Warren Elmore

“The cab of the truck was actually used by the Orland Fire Department and was built in the 1920’s.  It went from Orland into the foothills, and then to Artois, where it was found and brought back to Orland.  The water tank was a gift from a neighbor on Road M.  It was a farm sprayer that always leaked; being it was made of wood and sat in the valley sun.  The wheels and body parts came from Warren’s car bone pile or those of his friends, or car shows and sales.  It was restored to show what it may have looked like when it raced through the streets to douse a fire in the old days.”

1921 Willy’s Overland – Chiefs Car Engine #3

A Message from the Original Owner & Restorer
~Warren Elmore

“The love for old cars started at age 17 or 18, with my first Ford Motel T. It costs $25.00. I never learned much about the inards, or to hate them. I was forced to sell for $15.00 and leave Cherry Street in Butte Montana.
In rapid succession, came gold mine in Oregon, girl in Oakland, Ca., draft, copper mines, Butte Montana same girl appears, marriage, war, Golden St. creamery in Orland, Ca.
Peace in the Valley
Home, family, job

I now lived in a spot where people saved for the war but now it had lost its demand. Lots of scrap piles and old burn piles.
I renewed my love for old cars and gained a friend in George Vonasek. He worked on county roads and knew where every car skeliton in Glenn County and beyond was.

I saw this old corps in a burn, scrap pile. It was beside on empty building, in the north outskirts of Orland. No information turned up, so I made plans to move it. I used an Indian Traves pricipal. I started heading home on all backroads, east to south and home. I almost made it, somewhere around road 15 east of the fair grounds. The weekest wooden wheel collapsed. I pulled it as far as possible off the road. I went home to plan another way to get it home.  I returned next morning.  Did first aide on iron, hooked up and got it to my haven on Road M and 21.

Thus began about four years of restoration.  Scouting for parts, cleansing, straightening and painting the 1921 Overland, The Chiefs car. To an old car restorer, nothing compares to the thrill of hearing the cough and then regular beat of it heart for the first time.

After my parade days I gave the 1921 Overland to the Fire Chief and the Ford Model T Firetruck to the Fire Dept on February 27th, 1998.
I had one more prideful moment coming.  It came when I saw both vehicles still running and in the Centenial parade in 2011.”

1935 International Pumper Engine #4

1948 Maxim Engine #1

Hercules Motor
Hale 750-gpm pump and a 200-gallon water tank.

1957 Chevy Short bed Stepside Utility Truck

6-cylinder 4-speed.

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